Built with care based on an internal need to ensure continuous learning for digital team, our comprehensive digital academy teaches employees the skills and insights to thrive in today’s economy, and ultimately achieve more for clients and the business that invests in them.

The iNvolved Digital Marketing Academy training program, powered by eTeach®, delivers interactive content curated specifically for your team’s different learning styles and preferences. Using our custom digital platform, our learning solutions deliver the latest in digital marketing education, insights, and innovation through real-time content. 


Why should you get iNvolved?

We are uniquely positioned to help your organization understand the impact, importance of, and opportunities in the ever-changing digital economy.  In an ever changing landscape, our team of professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of all relevant topics and technologies, ensuring that your investment in your people delivers ROI.


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The Training provides learners comprehensive interactive content modules on all aspects of Digital Media and Digital Marketing; making concepts and opportunities tactile for you team. 

Your business and your team will receive the best and most current interactive digital education content available.  Content is updated in real-time - No new content licenses required when new content is released; or waiting another year for your team to get up-to-date on the latest digital trends and opportunities. 



Customizable Base Curriculum

  • The Evolution of Digital Media
  • The Digital Media Ecosystem (DSP, RTB, Ad Networks & Exchanges, Platforms, etc.)
  • Data (1st, 2nd, 3rd party)
  • Ad Execution and Compliance (Social, Native, SEM, Ad Units, Ad Servers, Compliance, GDPR, fraud, etc.)
  • Digital Media Campaigns (Strategy, execution, metrics, targeting, optimization, etc.)
  • Programmatic Media (Programmatic v. RTB, Big Data, AI and Automation, etc.)
  • Impacts & the Future of Digital (Changes to Business strategy, AI and Tech innovation, Future of Advertising & Integrated Media, etc.)
  • Additional Resources & Guidance for the Digital Media Professional